Your tax consultation doesn't just end with your first call to one of our specialists, as we have an entire team of consultants, enrolled agents and EX-IRS agent ready and willing to stand by you. What's more is the fact that our entire tax resolution team has a proven track record of results in helping people just like you, in the same situation and in the same state of mind – you are not alone. By getting a tax consultation with Diwakar taxes you'll receive the numerous benefits of years of experience from some of the best tax professionals in bay area.

what we'll discuss:

  • IRS Notice/Audit
  • Minimize tax liability
  • Tax implication on selling stocks ESPP/ option
  • Tax implication on selling/ buying of property (USA or Foreign)
  • Estimated tax payments
  • Business consultation
  • Tax implication on any kind of investment plans (usa or foreign)

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