Have given me the right inputs interms of my W2 & Tax logistics

My taxes became fairly complicated this year due to daycare, relocation, having 4 w2's, selling house etc...Mr Diwakar took me on...I came prepared with all the cost breakdowns and papers and Mr Diwakar finished my taxes with ease. He explained every step and also gave me pointers on what to do for the next time...Great service...friendly staff...The price is also good...

Had to wait a little. But once with consultant, it was pretty easy and quick. WIll come back next year

Very Patient and provided all information without any bias.

You don't have to worry about taxes once you are there. Very very professional approach.

I had a few complications with my tax returns due to foreign property, some stocks sold etc. Diwakar guys took care of it of in a swift and efficient way.

I am using your service for last 3 years. You guys always impress me! Thanks

I have been filing taxes with them for last 4 years and satisfied. Very professional and thorough.

It is very good. Price is also reasonable.

Pleasant experience- data was looked over/questions were asked patiently.

Was good

Very helpful. Have been filing tax with them since 3 years now and it has been great. No issues at all.

It was really nice to get it done as it was my first time doing the taxes...

Diwakarji is very gentle and humble person, I fill quite comfortable every year while during tax season. Give sufficient time, No Rush and best stick to his standards and policies. Will always refer as many time as needed.

Was last. They called me and waited 30 mins for me. Amazing man he is.

The service is great. The process is very simple as well.

It was very nice experience. Service was excellent with full of patience. Genuine and honest advice.

It was very helpful and Price is also firm

In addition to Fast and accurate, i would add patient as well.

Have been working with Diwakar taxes for 3 years and the service has always been great. Thanks Amit and Diwakar!!

This is the second year that Amit has helped me with my taxes; he's been solid and patient, and helped me in my hour of need!

very helpful people and great service

Affordable and Beneficial service.

Take time to understand your questions and give satisfactory answers.

Diwakar Sir knows what he is doing. Just get an appointment and let him get everything done for you perfectly... I had to file an amendment for last year (because I went to a bad tax consultant who didn't know stuff about filing taxes for immigrants) and file this year's taxes. And everything went 100% fine