Affordable and Beneficial service.

It was really nice to get it done as it was my first time doing the taxes...

The taxes were prepared very patiently and they made sure to include everything. Also they explain our deductions line by line, which I found helpful. Make sure to get an appointment since it's pretty busy.

My taxes became fairly complicated this year due to daycare, relocation, having 4 w2's, selling house etc...Mr Diwakar took me on...I came prepared with all the cost breakdowns and papers and Mr Diwakar finished my taxes with ease. He explained every step and also gave me pointers on what to do for the next time...Great service...friendly staff...The price is also good...

This is the second year that Amit has helped me with my taxes; he's been solid and patient, and helped me in my hour of need!

It was quick and right to the point.

Quick and fast service

We have a very complex tax return that we would never try to complete on our own. Diwalker taxes not only had an understanding of our convoluted tax laws, but also gave us advice to ensure we are completely in compliance.

Have been working with Diwakar taxes for 3 years and the service has always been great. Thanks Amit and Diwakar!!

Service was accurate and clear. This is my first time visit and very satisfied.

Diwakar Sir knows what he is doing. Just get an appointment and let him get everything done for you perfectly... I had to file an amendment for last year (because I went to a bad tax consultant who didn't know stuff about filing taxes for immigrants) and file this year's taxes. And everything went 100% fine

going here from last 3 year and its trust that I have with them. Only thing is you need to give them lot of information if they can ask lot of question then its more useful.

Pleasant experience- data was looked over/questions were asked patiently.

I have been filing my taxes here past 4 years now. My spouse and I had 5 W2s and I had additional educational expenses for my MBA. I did try my entering our details on Turbotax to get an idea of what I had to pay out to IRS. As such, I did not qualify for any of the tax credits for education due to income restrictions. However, using better judgement I decided to not file online and continued with my tradition of visiting Diwakar Taxes. Yes, the wait time was a bit too long but once in, Prachi did a great job handling our case. She along with a little help from Mr. Diwakar himself ensured they handled the education tuition well to get us a huge reduction of tax amount we owed. Thanks and Great work Diwakar Taxes!

The place for tax filing!

I have been filing my taxes with Diwakar Taxes since last 3 years. The experience has been great. They explain all the things so well. Returns also has been great !

Good experience overall.Been filing for several years now- they do a good job.Started to get more expensive though.

Overall it was a good experience. Not all of them over there knows about the details of what is to be included but they clarify with their lead and get it done smoothly

We are extremely happy with the service Diwakar sir has provided. As they describe he fast, accurate, reliable, and extremely patient. He worked late night till 9:40 to get our returns done. The price is very very reasonable. We'll get our taxes done with Diwakar sir as long as we are in California. He is very nice and kind and explains the entire process in detail. Thanks for all the advices.

It is very good. Price is also reasonable.

Was good

Hassle-free tax filing experience.

I had a few complications with my tax returns due to foreign property, some stocks sold etc. Diwakar guys took care of it of in a swift and efficient way.

The service is very good and quick. The price is very reasonable. Very organized and patient staff.

It was very nice experience. Service was excellent with full of patience. Genuine and honest advice.