This is the second year that Amit has helped me with my taxes; he's been solid and patient, and helped me in my hour of need!

I had 2 W2's + a stock transaction which was complicated enough for me to handle. So I scheduled an appointment with these guys. They helped me out thoroughly. Filled in all the details, got them printed, made me sign them, stapled them and gave me in a nice envelope to post/ship it.

Very helpful and Fast. Thanks to Prachi for helping me with the taxes.

I have been filing taxes with them for last 3 years, it was good experience every time and I find the price attractive comparing to what my friends tells me about theirs.. Cheap price and best service one can get..

Mr. Diwakar is very knowledgeable and gentle person. The staff is also pretty good and allots time to each customer as required.

The service is very good and quick. The price is very reasonable. Very organized and patient staff.

They know their stuff, economical and give the docs super fast. Appointment times are honored. Answer all questions patiently.

Was good

I started doing taxes with Diwakar taxes based on a friend's recommendation in 2015. Prior to here I tried some other places to do the taxes. I was blown away by their prices and attitude. They helped me with foreign income, taxes, FBAR filings etc. while charging half the price compared to other places. People here are very honest and reasonable and provide great service. I will highly recommend this place to anyone.

Even though the tax filing process is complicated, they made the process very simple and straightforward. Lot many unknown facts were made clear. I recommend their service

Good experience overall.Been filing for several years now- they do a good job.Started to get more expensive though.

I have been visiting Diwakar taxes for last 4 years and I am very much happy with the service. Year by year I see good service improvement. They charge very reasonable, guides you in good direction and avoids you the future troubles. This year I observed parallelism and fast in their work, by the time I went to the associate the details were ready in the system.

Hassle-free tax filing experience.

Simply perfect; do some homework and prepare all the numbers of extra income.

Very helpful!

I had one W-2 and one ESPP transaction for the year, my taxes where done very patiently and was explained each part. The consultant answered my question clearly. Definitely going back

That was quick. Amit was very humble and listened patiently. I will definitely consider Diwakar Taxes next year for Tax filling.

Good Quality of Service and Reasonable Rate compare to other Tax Consultant.

I had always relied on H&R block before to do my taxes. Diwakar turns out to be a much better experience, and the tax consultant was more knowledgeable. Way more satisfied!

The place for tax filing!

I have been filing my taxes here past 4 years now. My spouse and I had 5 W2s and I had additional educational expenses for my MBA. I did try my entering our details on Turbotax to get an idea of what I had to pay out to IRS. As such, I did not qualify for any of the tax credits for education due to income restrictions. However, using better judgement I decided to not file online and continued with my tradition of visiting Diwakar Taxes. Yes, the wait time was a bit too long but once in, Prachi did a great job handling our case. She along with a little help from Mr. Diwakar himself ensured they handled the education tuition well to get us a huge reduction of tax amount we owed. Thanks and Great work Diwakar Taxes!

I was very happy with Diwakar taxes. The procedure was simple and rates were the best offered among anyone else.

It was very nice experience. Service was excellent with full of patience. Genuine and honest advice.

Had a great experience with filling taxes compared to my previous experiences with some other tax firms. They a reasonable price too.

Pleasant experience- data was looked over/questions were asked patiently.