Pleasant experience- data was looked over/questions were asked patiently.

Have been working with Diwakar taxes for 3 years and the service has always been great. Thanks Amit and Diwakar!!

Professional and as others have said before, hassle-free. Highly Recommend.

I have been visiting Diwakar taxes for last 4 years and I am very much happy with the service. Year by year I see good service improvement. They charge very reasonable, guides you in good direction and avoids you the future troubles. This year I observed parallelism and fast in their work, by the time I went to the associate the details were ready in the system.

I have been filing with Diwakar since 2013. Sir are quite knowledgeable. They take their own time to sit with you and go through your return. I would be happy If they could explain in depth more. Anyways I would recommend Diwakar Tax.

Great service and helpful people

You don't have to worry about taxes once you are there. Very very professional approach.

Value for money

Patiently answered all the concerns/questions. It was very helpful.

I have been filing my taxes with Diwakar Taxes since last 3 years. The experience has been great. They explain all the things so well. Returns also has been great !

Very helpful. Have been filing tax with them since 3 years now and it has been great. No issues at all.

going here from last 3 year and its trust that I have with them. Only thing is you need to give them lot of information if they can ask lot of question then its more useful.

Diwakar Sir knows what he is doing. Just get an appointment and let him get everything done for you perfectly... I had to file an amendment for last year (because I went to a bad tax consultant who didn't know stuff about filing taxes for immigrants) and file this year's taxes. And everything went 100% fine

Overall it was a good experience. Not all of them over there knows about the details of what is to be included but they clarify with their lead and get it done smoothly

Best place to file taxes in the South Bay. I have tried couple other places, but these folks are the best. Charges are very reasonable.

Take time to understand your questions and give satisfactory answers.

Tax filing made easy and reasonable price too.

It was a great experience discussing tax related queries. Mr.Diwakar is most experienced person. The only thing is the wait time was more even after we took the appointment.

I had one W-2 and one ESPP transaction for the year, my taxes where done very patiently and was explained each part. The consultant answered my question clearly. Definitely going back

The tax consultant, we worked with was very patient in answering all of our questions, the existing ones as well as future tax implication under various scenarios. They do the tax preparation and filing in front of us. So depending on your tax status, it could take less than 30 mins for simple ones or 1-2 hours for complex ones. Be prepared to spend time with the consultant. Once the forms are filled, they walk you over the form and explain all the deductions and the numbers. Great value for the money as well. Highly recommend!

The taxes were prepared very patiently and they made sure to include everything. Also they explain our deductions line by line, which I found helpful. Make sure to get an appointment since it's pretty busy.

Very Patient and provided all information without any bias.

Was good

Mr. Diwakar is very knowledgeable and gentle person. The staff is also pretty good and allots time to each customer as required.

I had always relied on H&R block before to do my taxes. Diwakar turns out to be a much better experience, and the tax consultant was more knowledgeable. Way more satisfied!